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8 Minimalist Organization Tips to Follow for Your Interior

Ever dreamt of that clutter-free interior you see in home decor magazines? Well, you’re a few tips away from your dream minimalist interior. We’ve put together a list of 8 Minimalist Organization tips that will help you declutter and organize your space to achieve elegant minimalist interior spaces.

What is Minimalist Organization?

Minimalist organization is a lifestyle choice and approach to keep spaces orderly, efficient, and attractive with a focus on simplicity. It involves decluttering and tucking away belongings, to maintain the arrangement of items. The goal is to create spaces that are functional, and visually soft to the eye to get your home ready for a minimalist interior.

8 Minimalist Organization Tips for your Interior:

1. Declutter as a Ritual

Let decluttering be your friend. Regularly clearing up spaces makes them breathable, like a closet detox! Wave goodbye to that sweater you haven’t worn since the ’90s—nostalgia can’t organize itself. Remember, decluttering is a constant good you’re doing with your space; the more you let go, the more room you’ll have.

2. The One In, One Out Rule

Dive into Tip 2 of the minimalist book: the “One In, One Out” rule. Shopped for a new shirt? Amazing! But before it hops into your closet, bid farewell to an old one. It’s the ultimate wardrobe balancing act, ensuring you don’t drown in unnecessary clutter. This rule encourages a thoughtful selection of clothing. It’s like curating your very own clothing gallery—each piece earning its spot with intention. So, the next time you indulge in a fashion spree, remember, out with the old, in with the new!

3. Set your Wardrobe

Time for Tip 3 on minimalist organization: Streamline that wardrobe! Stack those pants and accessories with space-saving hangers. Adopt a minimalist approach to clothing storage by rolling or folding items in a way that promotes neat stacking. When it comes to shoes, line them up on a shoe shelf or a tiny shoe cabinet ensuring each pair finds its designated spot. The key here is to stick to the essentials, allowing your wardrobe to exude purpose and simplicity, making every clothing choice a deliberate experience.

4. Make the Right Furniture Choices

Keep it simple! Say no to the clutter-crazed coffee tables and go for minimalist pieces. Furniture with clean lines and multi-functional pieces that pull double duty is the easiest option. Say goodbye to bulky, complicated pieces of the past and embrace modern, simple pieces. Make your coffee table a minimalist masterpiece with a built-in shelf for your favorite reads. Minimalist furniture – because who needs the headache of assembling a puzzle every time they sit down?

Organized Room - Minimalist Organization

5. Box it all Up!

Think of them as the superheroes of organization, swooping in to rescue your space from chaos. Organization starts with simplicity. Forget about extravagant containers; repurpose shoe boxes or clean corrugated shipping boxes to categorize and declutter your space. If you’re on the lookout for new storage solutions, explore bins and baskets made from earth-friendly materials like cotton, natural fibers, or paper. Turn unused corners into storage spots and use shelves to organize books and other items.

6. Understand the Importance of Empty Space

This tip is all about understanding the beauty of blank spaces. It’s like giving your room a little breathing space—let it exhale! Avoid cramming every nook and corner with stuff. Leave some spaces untouched to master the art of spacious simplicity. These untouched spaces serve as a visual pause, creating a clean, serene atmosphere that offers a sense of calm and order.

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7. Organize Each Room

Minimalist Organization means keeping everything off the floor wherever possible. Hide any visually obstructing items behind the doors using hooks. For my living room, I just stack my favorite movie DVD cases on the TV stand. The office room has a desk where the desk drawers do lots of work hiding my office supplies. For the kitchen, I use storage boxes to hold the cutlery and the laundry room has nails in the wall where I want the broom and mop items to hang. You can also use other organizers for your cleaning supplies.

8. Consider Color Coordination

When in doubt, color coordination comes to the rescue. Organize items like books or clothing in rainbow order or group them by color. This simple approach not only streamlines your search for specific items but is also a creative, artistic touch to the interior. You can effortlessly locate your favorite novel just by following the gradient of colors on your bookshelf.


With these 8 Minimalist Organization Tips, you’re ready to clear up the mess and transform your interior. Declutter like it’s a ritual, balance your wardrobe with the ‘One In, One Out’ rule, and leave empty spaces to achieve minimalism. Make furniture choices that say no to headaches and yes to simplicity. Box it all up with storage organizers, and color-coordinate your way to a modern interior.

Reference: Apartment Therapy

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